Politics By Graham Sharpe

Witney By Election Betting

THE CONSERVATIVES are red hot favourites at 1/50 (98% chance) with William Hill to retain David Cameron's Witney constituency at the forthcoming by-election, but in their betting 'without the Tories', Labour are 6/4 favourites to beat the rest of the candidates.

Hills also believe it is a hefty odds-on chance at 2/7 (77% per cent) that the Tories will FAIL to match the 60.3% of the vote they recorded at the last General Election, and a 5/2 chance that they will increase that percentage.

'There is likely to be as much betting interest in who finishes second as for who wins in this by-election' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.'The outcome could possibly influence the chances of a snap General Election, albeit this has been heartland Tory territory since the constituency was formed in 1983, although Shaun Woodward,elected as a Tory, did defect to Labour in 1999'

LATEST WILLIAM HILL WITNEY CONSTITUENCY ODDS....1/50 Conservatives; 16/1 Labour; 20/1 UKIP; 25/1 Lib Dems; 100/1 Greens

BETTING WITHOUT CONSERVATIVES....6/4 Labour; 7/4 UKIP; 2/1 Lib Demns; 14/1 Greens.

WHEN WILL NEXT GENERAL ELECTION TAKE PLACE?...6/1 2016; 9/4 2017; 12/1 2018; 14/1 2019; 5/6 2020.

WHO WILL WIN?....10/11 Tory majority; 6/4 Hung Parliament; 5/1 Lab majority

LAB LEADER...1/25 Corbyn; 10/1 Smith

US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION.....4/7 Clinton; 11/8 Trump; 20/1 Biden; 20/1Sanders; 33/1 Kaine; 66/1 Ryan; 80/1 Johnson; 100/1 Bloomberg; 200/1 Kasich; 200/1 Pence; 200/1 Romney; 500/1 McMullin; 500/1 Stein. Others on request.