Showbusiness By Joe Crilly

Will The X-Factor Be Ex-Factor After Controversial Choices

With the 12 finalists announced for this year’s X Factor, it is Matt Terry who is the bookies’ favourite with William Hill making him 2/1 ahead of Emily Middlemas at 4/1. The disparity between the favourites and those considered “novelty” has never been more pronounced and that can be highlighted by the fact that the biggest bet on any act has been £500 (on both 5AM and Emily Middlemas) while the biggest  bets on Bratavio and Honey G have been £10 and £20 respectively.


“Looking at the 12 who have been put through, it is very easy to see who the potential winners are and who will be leaving early - the betting already shows a gulf between the good, the bad and the ugly,” said William Hill spokesman Joe Crilly.


The controversy following some of the acts put through to the live finals has refused to die down with social media suggesting a boycott of the show could be in order. Should this be the case and the viewing figures start to go down, it may well be time to pull the plug. It is 8/1 that this is the last show on ITV.


X Factor winner: 2/1 Matt Terry; 4/1 Emily Middlemas; 9/2 5 After Midnight; 7/1 Gifty Louise; 10/1 Samantha Lavery; 12/1 Brooks Way; 14/1 Ryan Lawrie; 25/1 Freddy Parker; 25/1 Saara Aalto; 33/1 Honey G; 50/1 Bratavio; 50/1 Relly C