Politics By Graham Sharpe

Wholesale Gamble On Early EU Ref

A hefty gamble that David Cameron will opt for an early EU Referendum has seen bookmakers William Hill slash their odds for it to take place before the end of June 2016 to red hot favourite at 1/4 – at which odds it costs £4 to make a profit of £1 – from as long as 4/1 (stake 1 to win 4) in January.

'Political shrewdies seem convinced that David Cameron is determined to get the Referendum out of the way sooner rather than later, when the impact of whatever deal he manages to conjure up this week is at its greatest – and, perhaps, while the betting is that the outcome will be a vote to remain in the EU' said William Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.'The odds for a pre-end of June Referendum have shortened consistently from 4/1 last month in the face of a wholesale gamble that it will be as early as possible.'

When will EU Referendum be held... 1/4 Before June 2016; 3/1 Jul-Dec 2016; 9/1 July 2017 or later; 12/1 Jan-June 2017.

Outcome of EU Referendum... 4/11 STAY; 2/1 LEAVE