Weather By Rupert Adams

White Christmas: White Christmas Odds Slashed In Scotland – Drift In England

The white Christmas betting has been terrible in the last fortnight with William Hill reporting the quietest December in 40 odd years of White Christmas Betting, but that could well be about to change. A surprise run of bets today on the Scottish cities Aberdeen (3/1), Glasgow (10/3) and Edinburgh (7/2) suggests the prospect of a White Christmas, certainly north of the border, is a little more likely.

“It appears that we might just see a White Christmas after all, although you will probably need to travel to Scotland to see it,” said William Hill spokesman Rupert Adams.

Snow on Christmas: 3/1 Aberdeen; 10/3 Glasgow; 7/2 Edinburgh; 7/2 Belfast; 5/1 Leeds; 11/2 Liverpool; 11/2 Manchester; 6/1 Newcastle; 7/1 Birmingham; 8/1 London; 9/1 Bristol; 9/1 Norwich; 9/1 Dublin; 10/1 Cardiff; 12/1 Penzance

8/1 Warmest Christmas Day temperature to be recorded (15.6c)