Weather By Rupert Adams

White Christmas: Odds Trimmed For Third Time In 48hrs

William Hill have once again trimmed the price of snow on Christmas Day particularly in the north of England & Scotland with Glasgow now 6/4 from 2/1 and Leeds into 2/1 from 5/2.

“Thinks have completely changes just a week ago we were seeing money for the hottest Christmas on record,” said William Hill spokesman Rupert Adams. “Now the money is coming in for snow and it could well be a white Christmas for many of us.”

Snow on Christmas: 6/4 Glasgow; 2/1 Aberdeen; 2/1 Edinburgh; 2/1 Belfast; 2/1 Leeds; 5/2 Newcastle; 3/1 Liverpool; 3/1 Manchester; 5/1 Birmingham; 6/1 Bristol; 6/1 Norwich; 6/1 Dublin; 7/1 Cardiff; 8/1 London; 10/1 Penzance