Australia Specials Betting By Tim Ashworth

When will Australia’s population reach 25 million people?

With Australia’s population due to tick over the 24 million mark tomorrow, bookmaker William Hill is offering $7 that Australia will pass the 25 million mark in December of 2018.


The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) currently estimates that we are increasing an extra one million people every three years.


“Like the ABS, us bookies love nothing more than dealing in numbers,” William Hill’s Tim Ashworth said.


“February 2019 is our front-runner at $5.00 to be the month we pass the 25 million mark, but issues such as immigration, health and the economy all impact the growth of the country.


“I’m sure the statisticians at the ABS will be looking to find value in our market too,” Ashworth added.


When will Australia’s population pass 25 million people?

Feb 2019      $5.00

Mar 2019      $6.00

Jan 2019      $6.00

Dec 2018      $7.00

Apr 2019       $8.00

Nov 2018      $9.00

May 2019     $10

Oct 2018      $13

Jun 2019      $15

Sep 2018      $17

Aug 2018      $21

Jul 2018        $26