Politics By Graham Sharpe

What after Brexit? Grexit, Frexit, Nexit , Hexit?

WITH Marine Le Pen's French Presidential odds being slashed from 6/1 to 2/1 by bookmakers William Hill, there is speculation about which EU country will be the next to follow the UK and jump ship. Hills have also seen money for France to be out of the EU before the end of 2027 and quote them at 6/4 to be gone, 1/2 still to be in.

So, Hills have opened a book on who will be the next country to exit, and they have installed Grece as the 11/10 favourites, with France at 5/2, the Netherlands 8/1 and Hungary 10/1.

Hills are quoting every country currently in the EU and are, of course, not including the UK in their betting. Bets will be voided if no country departs by 2027.

Meanwhile,Hills have cut their odds for Brexit NOT to be triggered by the end of March 2017, from Evens to 8/11, and offer Evens that it WILL be.

Hills also offer 1/ 2 that Brexit will become official in 2019; with 2020 or later 9/4 ,and 2018 or earlier 6/1. A 2017 General Election is now a 5/4 chance, with 2020 the 4/5 favourite.

WHICH COUNTRY WILL BE THE NEXT TO LEAVE THE EU? 11/10 Greece; 5/2 France; 8/1 Netherlands; 10/1 Hungary; 12/1 Ireland, Italy; 14/1 Denmark; 18/1 Cyprus; 20/1 Austria 25/1 Czech Rep; 28/1 Germany, Sweden... OTHERS ON REQUEST... Bets void if noone leaves before end 2027.