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US Election Smashes Betting Records

THE US ELECTION will become the biggest political betting event yet, say bookmakers William Hill, who are predicting that £20million will be riding on the outcome.

'William Hill alone have already taken £3million-plus on the outcome, and with the result still too close to call we expect a political bets bonanza over the weekend and in the final forty eight hours of the Election campaign.

The campaign has already smashed all previous Election betting records and will end up the biggest betting turnover  for any political event' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.

'We have already seen massive bets for Hillary Clinton - one female client has the largest election bet ever of 550,000 euros riding on her (almost half a million pounds), another has staked £183,200 on her and on Friday we took two £30,000 bets for her. Two Moscow-based clients have staked five figure bets on her. A Liverpool customer will collect £49,594 should Hillary win.

Two clients will be £100,000 better off if Donald Trump wins - John Mappin from Cornwall, and the Nottingham man who staked £37,000 on him while a Halifax customer who bet £5000 doubling up Brexit with a Trump win will be £39,125 better off if he wins. Three clients backed Trump when he was a 150/1 shot - a Devonian for £1; £16.67 from a Leicestershire client, and £50 from a Northern Ireland customer.'

William Hill say that 67.5% of the individual bets they have taken have been for Donald Trump, but 72% of all the stake money is for Hillary Clinton. 'The campaign has mirrored Brexit in that there have been far more individual bets for the outsider, but the biggest bets have been on the favourite.'


SELECTED STATES (Others available on request)...ARIZONA..1/3 Rep; 9/4 Dem......FLORIDA...5/6 Rep; 5/6 Dem......IOWA- 2/5 Rep, 7/4 Dem........N CAROLINA- 4/5 Rep, 10/11 Dem.......OHIO....2/5 Rep, 7/4 Dem

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