Politics By Graham Sharpe

'Losing' Bets On UKIP Leader Race Reactivated

BOOKMAKERS William Hill, who paid out to political punters who bet that Diane James would become UKIP leader have now reactivated all 'losing' bets on that market as it emerged that she never officially took up the leadership role.

'Although we paid out on bets placed on Diane James becoming UKIP leader in good faith, it now emerges that she never officially assumed the role - therefore we have decided that all bets placed on other candidates who took part in the contest should be reactivated and taken forward to the new leadership contest' said Hll's spokesman Graham Sharpe.

LATEST WILLIAM HILL NEXT UKIP LEADER ODDS......2/5 S Woolfe; 5/1 S Evans; P Nuttall; 8/1 N Farage; 10/1 A Banks; 14/1 L Duffy; 16/1 D Carsewell; 20/1 N Hamilton. Others on request.

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