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UK Eurovision Odds On The Drift

The odds of the UK entry winning the Eurovision Song Contest have taken a hit since Joe and Jake won the chance to represent the nation last Friday.


Just £270.66 has been staked on them winning over the course of the last seven days which has prompted William Hill to ease their odds from 20/1 to 25/1.


Latvia are the 10/1 favourites with Armenia and Australia both 12/1.


“We have taken more money in the last seven days on Australia winning Eurovision this year and they are not even European,” said William Hill spokesman Joe Crilly. “We are very sceptical that the Joe and Jake will spark a reversal in recent fortunes.”


Eurovision Song Contest winner: 10/1 Latvia; 12/1 Armenia; 12/1 Australia; 16/1 France; 16/1 Germany; 16/1 Ukraine; 20/1 Cyprus; 20/1 Italy; 20/1 Norway; 25/1 Hungary; 25/1 Ireland; 25/1 Malta; 25/1 United Kingdom; 33/1 Iceland; 33/1 Spain; 40/1 BAR