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Trumped Up Charge Threatens Bookies

BOOKMAKERS William Hill have already taken more money on the US Election than the General Election, but they will be happy to pay out 770,000 euros to one 46 year old female client, and £205,916 to another female client, this one aged 44, if Hillary Clinton wins.

That's because should Donald Trump win they will face a much heftier total payout.

'Although the two biggest bets of all so far struck on the outcome of the US Election are both for Hillary Clinton, some 70% of all of the individual bets placed have been on a Trump win - and as his odds have consistently been longer, once as long as 150/1, he will be much the worse outcome for us' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.

'The difference between a Clinton and a Trump win currently stands at around a third of a million pounds and recent days have seen the imbalance between the two widening'

In just over a fortnight, Hills have had to cut Trump's odds EIGHT times, from 11/2 on October 15, to a current price of 2/1, while Clinton's odds have lengthened from 1/9 (90% chance)  to 4/11(73%).

Hills have already taken over £2.5m on the US Election, overtaking the amount they turned over on the UK's last General Election.

LATEST WILLIAM HILL US ELECTION ODDS......4/11 (73% chance) CLINTON; 2/1(33%chance) TRUMP