Politics - US By Graham Sharpe

Trump V Clinton A Certainty....

Hilary Clinton is a virtually unbackable 1/33 favourite (stake 33 for profit of 1) with William Hill to become the Democrat candidate, and Donald Trump is red-hot favourite at 1/7 (stake 7 for profit of 1) with Hills to win the Republican nomination.

'The two front-runners are virtually past the post and the betting attention is switching towards who will win their ultimate showdown' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe. 'Super Tuesday's results are particularly good news for William Hill client John Mappin who has placed 26 bets on Donald Trump and stands to collect £75,000 if he makes it to the White House.'

And William Hill Now Make Hillary Clinton 8/15 Favourite (stake 15 for profit of 8) to become President, with Trump 15/8 (stake 8 for profit of 15) to defeat her.

Latest William Hill US Election Odds 8/15 Clinton ; 15/8 Trump; 16/1 Rubio; 25/1 Sanders; 33/1 Bloomberg; 50/1 Cruz; 80/1 Kasich; 100/1 Biden, Romney.

Winning Party - 1/2 DEM; 13/8 REP; 25/1 INDEPENDENT

Democrat Nominee - 1/33 Clinton; 11/1 Sanders; 33/1 Biden

Republican Nominee - 1/7 Trump; 5/1 Rubio; 20/1 Cruz; 40/1 Kasich; 100/1 Romney