Politics - US By Graham Sharpe

Trump Triumph Slashes His Presidential Odds

Donald Trump's odds of becoming the Republican nominee for the race to the White House have been slashed from 5/2 (stake 2 for profit of 5) to Even money favourite (stake 1 for profit of 1) by bookmakers William Hill who have also cut his odds of becoming President from 7/1 (stake 1 for profit of 7) to 11/4 (stake 4 for profit of 11).

'Mr Trump, once quoted at 200/1 to become President has stormed back to a prominent position in the betting, shaking off the Iowa setback and delighting the many political punters who have backed him to win the race to the White House' said William Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.

Latest William Hill Odds...

To Be President... 10/11 Hillary Clinton; 11/4 Donald Trump; 11/2 Bernie Sanders; 8/1 Marco Rubio; 14/1 Jeb Bush; 14/1 Ted Cruz; 25/1 Michael Bloomberg; 40/1 John Kasich; 50/1 Joe Biden. Others on request.

To Be Democrat Nominee... 1/4 Clinton (was 1/6); 10/3 Sanders; 16/1 Biden.

To Be Republican Nominee... Evens Trump; 3/1 Rubio; 9/2 Cruz; 5/1 Bush; 20/1 Kasich; 100/1 Christie. Others on request.