Politics - US By Graham Sharpe

Trump Tramples On Reps And Bookies En Route To White House

DONALD TRUMP's triumphant trek towards the White House with a triple victory in Mississippi, Michigan and Hawaii, threatens to cruch his Republican opponents – and the bookmakers William Hill, who once offered 200/1 about him becoming President.

Donald Trump is now 2/7 favourite (a 77% chance) with Hills to become the Republican candidate, and 11/4 (a 26% chance) to become President. He is also now 1/5 (83%) favourite to win the Florida Primary on Marco Rubio's home territory.

'A Donald Trump triumph is our nightmare scenario' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe. 'One client alone, John Mappin, from Cornwall in England, will collect £75,000 ($106,000) if he wins.'

Hillary Clinton is 1/14 (93%) to win the nomination, and 1/2 (66%) favourite to become President.


TO BE PRESIDENT......1/2 Clinton; 11/4 Trump; 14/1 Sanders; 14/1 Cruz; 25/1 Kasich; 33/1 Rubio; 66/1 Biden; 66/1 Romney

TO BE REP NOMINEE......2/7 Trump; 4/1 Cruz; 12/1 Kasich; 14/1 Rubio; 25/1 Ryan; 33/1 Romney

TO BE DEM NOMINEE.....1/14 Clinton; 13/2 Sanders; 33/1 Biden

WHO WILL PULL OUT FIRST?....1/6 Rubio versus 7/2 Cruz

WHO WILL WIN FLORIDA?.....1/5 Trump; 10/3 Rubio; 12/1 Cruz; 50/1 Kasich

WHO WILL BE VICE PRESIDENT?...3/1 Castro; 6/1 Christie; 6/1 Clinton; 8/1 Kasich; 11/1 Kaine; 12/1 Rubio; 12/1 O'Malley; 14/1 Sanders; 16/1 Haley; 20/1 Clinton; 22/1 Huckabee; 25/1 Trump; 28/1 Booker; 28/1 Palin; 33/1 Fiorina.