Politics - US By Graham Sharpe

Trump To 'Flor' Rubio In Primary

Bookmakers William Hill believe Donald Trump is set to demolish Marco Rubio's chances of winning in his home state, and thus probably boot him out of the race by taking the Florida Primary, for which William Hill now quote him at 1/14 (93% chance of success- stake 14 for profit of 1); with Rubio holding a 7/1 chance of winning.

'This looks like the end of the road for Rubio's campaign if the odds prove accurate' said William Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.

William Hill Odds:

To win Florida Primary: 1/14 Trump; 7/1 Rubio; 16/1 Cruz; 50/1 Kasich.

Latest Republican Candidate Odds: 2/7 Trump (78% chance of victory- stake 7 for profit of 2); 4/1 Cruz; 12/1 Kasich; 16/1 Rubio.

Latest Democratic Candidate Odds: 1/12 Clinton; 6/1 Sanders.

To be next President: 1/2 Clinton; 11/4 Trump; 12/1 Sanders; 16/1 Cruz; 28/1 Kasich; 33/1 Rubio. Others on request.