Politics - US By Graham Sharpe

Trump On Track To Presidency?

DONALD TRUMP is now odds on with bookmakers William Hill to clinch the Republican nomination before the Cleveland convention. Hills give the Republican front-runner a 63% chance of doing so at odds of 4/7 (stake 7 for profit of 4). He is overwhelming favourite to be the candidate whatever the timing, given an 88% chance of doing so by Hills, who quote him at odds of 1/8 (stake 8 for profit of 1).

'Mr Trump has survived a string of attempts to blow his campaign off-course and now seems almost certain to manage to get over the finish line to become the official candidate' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.

Hills make Hillary Clinton an even hotter favourite to become Democrat candidate – givong her a 97% chance of doing so at odds of 1/33 (stake 33 for profit of 1).


TO BE REP CANDIDATE......1/8 Trump; 6/1 Cruz; 25/1 Kasich; 40/1 Ryan.

Trump to do so before Cleveland: 4/7 YES; 5/4 NO

TO BE DEM CANDIDATE...1/33 Clinton; 16/1 Sanders

TO BECOME PRESIDENT...1/3 Clinton (75%); 10/3  (23%) Trump; 20/1 Cruz; 33/1 Sanders; 50/1 Kasich.

TO BECOME VICE PRES...9/4 J Castro; 5/1 J Kasich; 5/1 E Warren; 8/1 T Kaine; 9/1 C Christie; 10/1 M O'Malley; 14/1 B Sanders;16/1 T Cruz; 20/1 others....