Politics - US By Graham Sharpe

Trump Heads For S Carolina As Favourite

POLITICAL PUNTERS believe Donald Trump will gain more momentum by winning the South Carolina Primary, and bookmakers William Hill have slashed his odds to do so from opening odds of 4/7 (stake 7 for profit of 4) to 2/9 (stake 9 for profit of just 2) favourite as virtually every bet they have taken ahs been for a Trump win.

'The Trump bandwagon shows few signs of slowing down, although we have just taken our biggest wager for Marco Rubio, a £3000 bet in a Scottish betting office, to win the race to the White House at odds of 8/1' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe, 'However, The Donald' is still the candidate giving us sleepless nights as we wait for his campaign to run out of gas, as all the so-called experts appear to believe it will. However, the same was said about British politician Jeremy Corbyn when he was 150/1 to take over as leader  of the Labour Party last summer, and he proved to be a shock winner. Donald Trump was 200/1 to become President with William Hill when his campaign began, and he is now just 4/1.Should he win we will be in for a six figure drubbing'

South Carolina Primary... 2/9 Trump; 9/2 Cruz; 10/1 Rubio; 18/1 Bush; 33/1 Kasich; 100/1 Carson/Fiorina/Christie.

To be President... 5/6 Hillary Clinton; 4/1 Donald Trump; 7/1 Bernie Sanders; 7/1 Marco Rubio; 16/1 Ted Cruz; 16/1 Jeb Bush; 20/1 Michael Bloomberg; 33/1 John Kasich; 50/1 Joe Biden, others on request.

Winning Party... 8/13 Dem; 11/8 Rep; 16/1 Indie

To be Democrat Nominee... 1/5 Clinton ; 7/2 Sanders; 16/1 Biden.

To be Republican Nominee... 11/10 Trump; 11/4 Rubio; 9/2 Cruz; 6/1 Bush; 14/1 Kasich; 66/1 Romney. Others on request.

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