Politics - US By Graham Sharpe

Trump Favourite For Caucus Double Triumph

DONALD TRUMP is red-hot favourite to win the two imminent caucuses with William Hill, who make him 1/2 to win in Iowa and 1/4 in New Hampshire. 'The Trump bandwagon shows little sign of a slowdown, and political punters are backing him accordingly' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.

Meanwhile, the current favourite to win the race to the White House, Hillary Clinton is expected to win only one of the two caucuses – she's 4/9 favourite to win in Iowa, but 3/1 to win New Hampshire, where her closest rival, Bernie Sanders is 2/9 favourite.

**IOWA CAUCUS......Democrats......4/9 Clinton; 13/8 Sanders; 66/1 O'Malley

Republicans.....1/2 Trump; 6/4 Cruz; 20/1 Rubio; 40/1 Carson; 50/1 Paul; 66/1 Bush/Christie; 80/1 Huckabee/Kasich; 100/1 Fiorina/Santorum

**NEW HAMPSHIRE CAUCUS...Democrats.....2/9 Sanders; 3/1 Clinton

Republicans.....1/4 Trump; 6/1 Rubio/Cruz; 7/1 Kasich; 10/1 Christie; 16/1 Bush; 50/1 Carson; 66/1 Fiorina/Paul.

TO BE DEM CANDIDATE: 1/6 Clinton; 7/2 Sanders; 66/1 Kerry; O'Malley

TO BE REP CANDIDATE: 5/6 Trump; 9/4 Rubio; 13/2 Cruz; 10/1 Bush; 25/1 Christie; 33/1 Romney; 40/1 Kasich; 66/1 Ryan. Others on request.

TO WIN RACE TO WHITE HOUSE.....8/11 Clinton; 3/1 Trump; 6/1 Rubio/Sanders; 16/1 Bloomberg; 20/1 Cruz; 25/1 Bush; 66/1 Christie; 80/1 Romney.