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Trump-Clinton Odds Gap Narrows For 9th Time

DONALD TRUMP's odds of winning the US Election - once quoted at 150/1-  have been shortened by bookmakers William Hill for the NINTH time since October 15, this time from 2/1 (33% chance) to 7/4 (36%), as he continues to close the gap between himself and Hillary Clinton, whose odds have legthened for the ninth time and are now 2/5 (71%) from 1/3. (75%).

And Hills believe the Republicans now have every chance of winning a number of important States - making them favourites to win in Arizona, Florida; Iowa; North Carolina and Ohio - none of which they were originally expected to win.

'The Trump charge is building to a crescendo, with political punters now threatening to leave bookies significantly out of pocket' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe, who added- 'William Hill alone will be a third of a million pounds worse off if Trump wins. Betting turnover for this US Election is already a record amount with British bookmakers expected to take up to £20million on the outcome'

WILLIAM HILL...TO WIN US ELECTION.....2/5 Clinton; 7/4 Trump.

STATE BETTING.....ARIZONA- 1/2 REP, 6/4 DEM.....FLORIDA- 8/11 REP, EVENS DEM........IOWA- 8/13 REP, 6/5 DEM;........ N CAROLINA- 5/6 REP, 5/6 DEM;.......OHIO- 4/9 REP, 13/8 DEM


Further information.......Graham Sharpe, William Hill Media Relations Director.....0780 3233702