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The Donald To Trump The Bookies?

TWO first-time customers at a William Hill branch in South London placed bets of £7000 and £4000 respectively on Donald Trump to win the US Election after telling the betting shop staff that they thought the current furore over Hillary Clinton's emails would cost her the Presidency.

'The two men,both in their late thirties, came into the branch together to place the bets, and told staff that they felt the email issue could well decide the outcome of the Election' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.

Hills say that 55% of individual bets taken since the weekend have been for Trump, and 79% of all money staked since then has been for him. The biggest bet for Hillary on Monday has been 5000 US dollars from a Canadian client. Overall, since betting began, some 70% of all the money staked has been for Clinton, with two thirds of individual bets for Trump.

Two weeks ago, the William Hill odds were 1/9 (90% chance) Clinton, 11/2 (15%) Trump, but now Hills are offering 1/3 (75%) Clinton, 5/2 (28%) Trump.

'The sudden lengthening of Hillary Clinton's odds is a little concerning for us as the difference between a Clinton or Trump win is around a third of a million pounds, with The Donald a far worse outcome.' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.'One client alone, John Mappin from Cornwall, will be £100,000 better off if Trump wins.'

Hills say that Hillary Clinton is a big favourite with online clients, while Trump is far more popular than his rival in their betting shops. Hills have taken three times as much turnover on the US Election via online and mobile bets than in their shops.