Politics By Graham Sharpe

Taxing Time For Cameron - Now Favourite To Go Before Corbyn

For the first time David Cameron is favourite to stand down as Tory Leader before Jeremy Corbyn does so as Labour leader.

William Hill have cut their odds from 11/10 to 4/5 (stake 5 for profit of four)for Cameron to go first, and make Corbyn Evens (stake 1 for profit of 1) from 4/6.

William Hill have also cut their odds for David Cameron to resign as PM during 2016 from 3/1 to 2/1 – after winning the General Election in 2015 he was as long as 16/1 to quit this year.

William Hill have also lengthened their odds for the Tories to win the next General Election with an overall majority from Evens to 11/10 – the longest price they have been since coming to power.

'Mr Cameron is going through a very taxing time in what could well be his annus horribilis should Brexit happen' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe, 'Since the personal finance issue came up the only bets on what year Mr Cameron will quit as PM we have taken have been for this year.'

William Hill: When will David Cameron stand down as PM? 2/1 2016; 6/1 2017; 8/1 2018; 9/4 2019; 9/4 2020; 20/1 2021 OR LATER

Who will cease to be Party leader first? 4/5 Cameron; Evens Corbyn

Next Tory Leader: 7/4 Boris Johnson; 4/1 George Osborne; 7/1 Michael Gove; 8/1 Sajid Javid; 8/1 Theresa May; 11/1 Priti Patel; 12/1 Stephen Crabb. Others on request.

Next General Election: 1/3 Cons most seats; 11/10 Cons overall majority; 11/8 Hung Parliament; 5/2 Labour most seats; 4/1 Lab overall majority.

EU Referendum: 2/5 Remain; 15/8 Brexit