Football By Joe Crilly

Super Sunday: Who Will Be Top Four?

Arsenal and Leicester are the favourites to finish in the top two according to William Hill, who make a Gunners/Foxes forecast 11/2 with a reversal of Leicester/Arsenal 6/1. The pair come head to head at the Emirates on Sunday for which the home side are 3/4 favourites.

Just 25 people backed Leicester to win the Premier League at the start of the season when they were 5000/1 with those bets amounting to just £68.55. These 25 bets, 13 in shops and 12 online, could result in an incredible £300,485 payout.

The smallest bet at 5000/1 was 5p (which will return £250) placed by a female customer in Edinburgh. The largest bet wagered was £20 in southern Manchester, which will return £100,000 (attached is a map displaying all 25 bets struck in the UK). The City of Leicester saw just three people backing the Foxes to a total of £8.


Premier League straight forecast: 11/2 Arsenal/Leicester; 6/1 Leicester/Arsenal; 7/1 Arsenal/Manchester City; 7/1 Leicester/Manchester City; 8/1 Manchester City/Arsenal; 9/1 Manchester City/Leicester; 10/1 BAR


Sunday matches:

3/4 Arsenal; 7/2 Leicester; 14/5 draw

7/2 Aston Villa; 17/20 Liverpool; 12/5 draw

11/10 Manchester City; 13/5 Tottenham; 23/10 draw