Weather Specials Betting By Joe Crilly

Slowest Ever White Christmas Betting As Punters Predict Warmest

William Hill can report that this year’s White Christmas betting is the slowest in memory and with a warm period expected, punters are actually placing their money on this December 25th being the warmest EVER at 10/1.

“Usually at this time of the year, we have seen plenty of activity on our White Christmas betting and we would be as short as Even money for some places to see that snowflake but this year has been the slowest ever as punters seem to think there is going to be a snow no show,” said William Hill spokesman Joe Crilly.

Snow on Christmas: 3/1 Aberdeen; 3/1 Edinburgh; 3/1 Glasgow; 5/1 Belfast; 5/1 Leeds; 5/1 Liverpool; 5/1 London; 5/1 Manchester; 5/1 Newcastle; 7/1 Birmingham; 7/1 Bristol; 7/1 Cardiff; 7/1 Dublin; 7/1 Norwich; 7/1 Penzance

10/1 Warmest Christmas Day temperature to be recorded (15.6c)