Politics By Graham Sharpe

Six figure referendum wager is biggest ever by female

A William Hill customer has staked a bet of £100,000 that the EU Referendum will produce a vote in favour of remaining in the EU at odds of 2/5 and stands to make a profit of £40,000. The bookmakers believe this to be the largest political bet ever placed by a female client.

'Previously the biggest bet we have ever taken from a female client on politics was in 1992 when a New Yorker staked £25,000 on Bill Clinton to beat George Bush at odds of 7/4 and collected £68,750. This is not the same customer- the new client is based in central London- but it is another record-breaking political punt' said William Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe. 'The largest politcial bet from a male client is £900,000 on the Scottish Referendum, which made him a profit of £193,333.

However, since the EU Referendum bet was confirmed, almost all the money William Hill have taken has been for a 'Leave' vote, and Hills have now cut the odds for that outcome from 15/8 to 7/4. They have also lengthened their odds for 55% or more of votes cast to be for 'Remain',which was previously odds on at 5/6 to odds against at 11/10.

Latest William Hill EU REF odds:

4/9 Remain (Stake 9 for PROFIT of 4 = a 69% chance) ; 7/4 Leave (stake 4 for PROFIT of 7= 36% chance)

Percentage of votes cast for 'Remain': 4/6 UNDER 55% ; 11/10 55% OR MORE

Voter Turnout: 2/5 UNDER 68%; 7/4 68% OR MORE