Politics - US By Graham Sharpe

Russian To Back Hillary For The White House

Bookamkers William Hill are offering odds of just 8/13 (stake 13 to make profit of 8: a 62% chance of happening) that the final showdown to succeed Barack Obama will be between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

'Following the strong showings of Clinton and Trump in New York we believe that it is an odds-on chance that the pair will fight out the final stages of the race to the White House' said William Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.

Mrs Clinton is now a virtually unbackable 1/16 (stake 16 for profit of 1; a 94% chance) favourite with William Hill to become the Democrat candidate, while Mr Trump is 4/9 – stake 9 for profit of 4; a 69% chance- favourite to be the Republican runner.

Hilary Clinton is now 4/11 favourite (stake 11 for profit of 4 -  73% chance) with William Hill to be the next elected US President, with Donald Trump the 9/2 (stake 2 for profit of 9; 18% chance) second favourite. 'Probably the most unexpected bet for Mrs Clinton so far is a wager of 11,000 euros staked by a client from Moscow' said William Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.'That's the largest of a small, but growing, number of bets from Russian customers on the outcome – and they seem to be favouring a Democrat win.'

William Hill have seen a late run of betting support for the Libertarian Party candidate John McAfee. 'We took a string of bets of up to £100 each for Mr McAfee at odds of 250/1, shortened him to 100/1 and took another flurry of bets, with the biggest £100, and currently offer him at 50/1' added Sharpe.

William Hill US Presidential odds:

Republican candidate: 1/16 Clinton; 8/1 Sanders; 33/1 Biden

Democrat candidate: 4/9 Trump; 5/2 Cruz; 12/1 Kasich; 33/1 Ryan; 80/1 Romney

To be elected President: 4/11 Clinton; 9/2 Trump; 14/1 Sanders; 16/1 Cruz; 33/1 Kasich; 50/1 Biden; McAfee; 66/1 Ryan; 100/1 Romney.

Final two in race to White House: 8/13 Clinton- Trump; 13/5 Clinton-Cruz; 14/1 Clinton- Kasich; 14/1 Sanders- Trump; 25/1 Sanders- Cruz. Others on request.

To be Vice President: 9/4 J Castro; 5/1 E Warren; 5/1 J Kasich; 8/1 T Kaine; 9/1 C Christie; 10/1 M O'Malley; 14/1 B Sanders; 20/1 M Rubio; 20/1 S Martinez. Others on request.