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Republicans Odds-On To Go For Brokered

Bookmakers William Hill have shortened their odds about a brokered convention being used to decide on the Republican Presidential candidate, and have cut the price about that happening from 5/4 (stake 4 for profit of 5) to 5/6 (stake 6 for profit of 5) making it an odds-on shot.

'At one point we were offering 2/1 (stake 1 for profit of 2) about a brokered convention, but our clients seem to be confident that it is now a very likely scenario' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.

William Hill

To be Republican Candidate: 5/6 Trump; 13/8 Cruz; 10/1 Kasich; 12/1 Ryan; 80/1 Romney

To be Democrat Candidate: 1/8 Clinton; 5/1 Sanders; 22/1 Biden

To win race to White House: 1/2 Clinton; 5/1 Trump; 8/1 Sanders; 10/1 Cruz; 20/1 Ryan; 25/1 Kasich; 50/1 Biden; 100/1 Romney

To be the two candidates: 5/4 Ckinton-Trump; 21/10 Clinton-Cruz; 6/1 Clinton-Kasich; 7/1 Sanders-Trump; 14/1 Clinton-Ryan; 14/1 Sanders-Cruz; 40/1 Sanders-Kasich. Others on request.

Republicans to have Brokered Convention to choose candidate: 5/6 yes; 5/6 no