Remainerendum? Bet On It...

Bookmakers William Hill have shortened their odds for a 'Remain' outcome to the EU Referendum, cutting the price from 4/9 (stake 9 for profit of 4;a  69% chance) to 2/5 (stake 5 for profit of 2 – a 71%chance). Hills have also taken a £100,000 bet on 'Remain' at those odds- giving a potential profit of £40,000 to the London-based William Hill client involved – who was making the biggest political bet ever placed by a female.

The odds for 'Brexit' have drifted from 7/4 (stake 4 for profit of 7; 36%) to 15/8 (stake 8 for profit of 15- 35%).

William Hill Referendum odds: 2/5 Remain; 15/8 Brexit

In England: 4/9 Remain, 13/8 Brexit;

In Scotland: 1/14 Remain, 13/2 Brexit

In Wales: 1/3 Remain, 9/4 Brexit.