Politics By Graham Sharpe

'Remain' Odds Shorten Yet Again

Bookmakers William Hill have had to take evasive action and shorten their odds for the second consecutive day as political punters pour pounds on a 'Remain' outcome to the EU Referendum.

William Hill had been offering odds of 3/10, representing a 76% chance of happening, on Monday morning, but the volume of bets for 'Remain' saw them cut the odds to 2/7 or 78% - and they have not cut them again, this time to 1/4 - meaning an 80% chance.

Meanwhile, the odds for 'Leave' have been lengthened from 12/5 to 13/5, and now stand at 11/4.

'The last forty eight hours have seen the biggest swing in odds since the campaign got underway and the momentum seems to be behind 'Remain' - and now 75.3% of the money gambled so far has been for 'Remain', the biggest percentage so far- Leave money has, for the time being, virtually dried up' said William Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.

Latest William Hill EU Referendum Odds: 1/4 Remain; 11/4 Leave