Politics By Graham Sharpe

Political Punters Betting On Early Brexit

WITH PRESSURE GROWING for a government timetable to count down to official departure from the EU, bookmakers William Hill have made 2019 their Even money (50% chance) favourite to be the year in which the UK officially exits from the EU.

It is a 6/4 chance (40% chance) that it will happen in 2020 or later, while William Hill 7/2 that it will do so before 2019.

'50% of the bets we have taken so far are for departure in 2018 or earlier; 33% have been placed on 2020 or later, and 17% on 2019' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe. 'Of the actual money staked, though, 85% is for 2020 or later; 12% 2018 or earlier and just 3% for 2019 – our favourite.'

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