Politics By Graham Sharpe

Political betting round-up

SAJID JAVID has been ignored by political punters since the Tata Steel crisis kicked in, say bookmakers William Hill - 'We have not taken a single bet for Sajid Javid to become the next Tory leader since the Tata story broke' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.'From being one of the most consistently well backed contenders as he moved into fourth place in the betting he seems to have become toxic in the last few days.'

Hills make Javid 8/1 joint fourth favourite with Theresa May to be the next leader. The two still trail 9/4 favourite Boris Johnson ,4/1 George Osborne – who is also being recently neglected in the market since the less than rapturous reception for his budget- and 7/1 Michael Gove.

Meanwhile, with the contenders to his crown suffering setbacks, Hills say they have started to see a number of bets for David Cameron to change his mind about standing down and still to be leader in 2021, the year after the next General Election. 'We've had to cut the odds for David Cameron still to be leader in 2021 from 20/1 to 16/1 – but he too could be in trouble if the EU Referndum produces a Brexit result' added Sharpe.

NEXT TORY LEADER...9/4 Johnson; 4/1 Osborne; 7/1 Gove; 8/1 Javid; May; 11/1 Patel; 12/1 Crabb.

EU REF.....2/5 Remain; 15/8 Brexit

Sanders' Momentum shortens his Presidential odds

With Bernie Sanders picking up momentum as he took 128 delegates to Hillary Clinton's 75 from the last six states to vote, bookmakers William Hill say they have seen a surge of support for him to become President, and have trimmed his odds from 20/1 to 10/1 third favourite to do so and from 12/1 to 7/1 to be the Dem canddiate.

'As yet we have only tweaked the odds towards Mr Sanders, but if he manages to sustain the momentum we'd expect them to shorten even further' said William Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.

To become President: 4/11 Clinton; 4/1 Trump; 10/1 Sanders; 20/1 Cruz; 22/1 Kasich; 50/1 Biden; 100/1 Romney; 100/1 Ryan

Democrat Nominee: 1/12 Clinton; 7/1 Sanders; 22/1 Biden.

Republican Nominee: 4/7 Trump; 11/4 Cruz; 5/1 Kasich; 20/1 Ryan; 66/1 Romney

Brokered Convention to Decide Republican Candidate? 8/13 NO; 6/5 YES.