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Pasty Faced William Hill Pay £100,000 To Cornish Trump Fan

CORNISH castle owner John Mappin is £100,000 better off as a result of Donald Trump's Presidential victory, after staking THIRTY bets on him with William Hill over the past eighteen months.

And Hills are also paying out £101,750 to a Nottingham betting shop customer who staked £37,000 (in two bets of £22,000 and £15,000) on Trump at odds of 7/4 last week.

Donald Trump was a 150/1chance to become President when he announced his candidacy, but became favourite to do so only overnight at just afrter 2a.m. on Wednesday morning.

William Hill took £4million on the outcome of the US Election - a record total for any political betting event. The traditional bookmaking industry took some £20million in total. 74% of all stakes on the outcome were for Hillary Clinton, but 71% of all the individual bets staked were for Donald Trump.

'Donald Trump started as a 150/1 no hoper, but was very well backed, albeit in smaller amounts than we accepted for long-time favourite Hillary Clinton. This campaign absolutely decimated all previous political betting records and shows what a popular betting subject politics is' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.

Sharpe added: 'The US Election statistics reflect almost identically the division of stakes and bets for Brexit. The odds on the day for the two candidates were almost idential to the Remain/Leave odds on EU Ref day. Brexit became favourite for the first time just before 2am on EU Ref night, Trump  at just after 2am on polling night.'

TO WIN 2020 US ELECTION...3/1 Donald Trump; 8/1 Elizabeth Warren; 10/1Hillary Clinton; Mike Pence; 14/1 Tim Kaine;Michael Bloomberg; 16/1 Bill de Blasio; 20/1 Cory Booker; Jeb Bush; Red Cruz. Others on request.