Oscars / Film Awards By Joe Crilly

Oscars Latest Odds – One Week To Go!!!

With just one week to go until the Oscars take place, it is The Revenant that looks likely to be the winner, with odds of 4/7 it picks up the Best Picture, 1/8 for Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu to win Best Director and 1/50 for Leonardo DiCaprio to bag Best Actor.


“Leo is 1/50 to pick the Best Actor, the same price that Colin Firth was when he won the award for The King’s Speech and he is the closest thing to a certainty at next week’s ceremony,” said William Hill spokesman Joe Crilly.


Elsewhere, Brie Larson is 1/20 for the Best Actress with Sylvester Stallone 1/3 for Best Supporting Actor and Alicia Vikander 8/13 for Best Supporting Actress.


William Hill Odds:


Best Picture: 4/7 The Revenant; 2/1 Spotlight; 7/2 The Big Short; 80/1 Mad Max: Fury Road; 80/1 The Martian; 100/1 Room; 150/1 Brooklyn; 200/1 Bridge Of Spies


Best Actor: 1/50 Leonardo DiCaprio; 16/1 Eddie Redmayne; 16/1 Michael Fassbender; 50/1 Bryan Cranston; 66/1 Matt Damon


Best Actress: 1/20 Brie Larson; 8/1 Saoirse Ronan; 25/1 Cate Blanchett; 25/1 Jennifer Lawrence; 50/1 Charlotte Rampling


Best Director: 1/8 Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu; 11/2 George Miller; 12/1 Adam McKay; 14/1 Tom McCarthy; 80/1 Lenny Abrahamson


Best Supporting Actor: 1/3 Sylvester Stallone; 5/2 Mark Rylance; 16/1 Christian Bale; 16/1 Tom Hardy; 33/1 Mark Ruffalo


Best Supporting Actress: 8/13 Alicia Vikander; 11/4 Kate Winslet; 10/3 Rooney Mara; 25/1 Jennifer Jason Leigh; 66/1 Rachel McAdams


Best Animated Feature Film: 1/100 Inside Out; 16/1 Anomalisa; 20/1 Shaun The Sheep Movie; 40/1 Boy and the World; 40/1 When Marnie was there


Best Animated Short Film: 8/11 Sanjay’s Super Team; 11/8 World Of Tomorrow; 8/1 Bear Story; 20/1 Prologue; 28/1 We Can’t Live Without Cosmos


Best Original Screenplay: 1/10 Spotlight; 11/2 Inside Out; 20/1 Bridge Of Spies; 50/1 Ex Machina; 50/1 Straight Out Of Compton


Best Visual Effects: 4/9 Star Wars: The Force Awakens; 13/8 Mad Max: Fury Road; 14/1 The Revenant; 33/1 The Martian; 66/1 Ex Machina


Best Documentary Feature: 1/5 Amy; 7/2 Cartel Land; 12/1 The Look Of Silence; 33/1 What Happened, Miss Simone; 66/1 Winter On Fire


Best Cinematography: 1/12 The Revenant; 13/2 Mad Max: Fury Road; 20/1 Carol; 20/1 Sicario; 33/1 The Hateful Eight


Best Original Score: 1/6 The Hateful Eight; 7/2 Star Wars: The Force Awakens; 20/1 Bridge Of Spies; 28/1 Carol; 50/1 Sicario


Best Makeup and Hair Styling: 2/9 Mad max: Fury Road; 3/1 The Revenant; 25/1 The 100 Year Old Who Climbed Out The Window And Disappeared


Best Production Design: 1/9 Mad Max: Fury Road; 12/1 The Danish Girl; 12/1 The Revenant; 16/1 Bridge Of Spies; 16/1 The Martian


BEST ORIGINAL SONG: 1/3 Til It Happens To You (The Hunting Ground); 4/1 Writings On The Wall (Spectre); 7/1 Earned It (50 Shades Of Grey); 8/1 Simple Song 3 (Youth); 33/1 Manta Ray (Racing Extinction).


BEST COSTUME DESIGN: 5/4 Mad Max: Fury Road; 2/1 Cinderella; 7/2 Carol; 8/1 The Danish Girl; 12/1 The Revenant.


BEST FILM EDITING: 1/4 Mad Max: Fury Road; 10/3 The Big Short; 12/1 Spotlight; 12/1 The Revenant; 66/1 Star Wars: The Force Awakens.


BEST DOCUMENTARY SHORT SUBJECT: 4/6 Body Team; 6/4 Claude Lanzmann; 10/1 A Girl in the River: The Price of Forgiveness; 14/1 Chau, Beyond The Lines; 14/1 Last Day of Freedom.


BEST FOREIGN LANGUAGE FILM: 1/12 Son of Saul; 6/1 Mustang; 25/1 Embrace of the Serpent; 33/1 A War; 33/1 Theeb.


BEST ADAPTED SCREENPLAY: 1/8 The Big Short; 11/2 Room; 16/1 Brooklyn; 25/1 Carol; 25/1 The Martian.