Politics By Graham Sharpe

Osborne Looking Vulnerable, Say Bookies

George Osborne was for a long time the clear favourite to succeed David Cameron, but bookmakers William Hill have now pushed his odds out all the way from 2/1 favourite to 7/2 (stake 2 for profit of 7) second favourite, and shortened Boris Johnson in from 3/1 to 15/8 clear favourite as a series of mistakes start to impact on Osbrone's future prospects.

And William Hill have also slashed their odds for Osborne to cease to be Chancellor THIS YEAR from 6/1 to 7/2.

'So sure-footed for so long, Mr Osborne was widely regarded as Cameron's natural and chosen successor, but recent blunders seem to have dealt him a serious blow to achieving that outcome and punters have begun defecting from him to Boris Iin particular, and others such as Michael Gove, down from 16/1 to 7/1, in droves' said William Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.'Mr Duncan Smith's resignation has dealt Mr Osborne another blow'

William Hill - Next Elected Tory Leader: 15/8 JOHNSON; 7/2 OSBORNE; 7/1 GOVE; 8/1 JAVID; 9/1 MAY; 12/1 PATEL; 50/1 IDS.Others on request.

When Will Osborne Cease To Be Chancellor?: 7/2 2016; 7/1 2017; 7/1 2018; 3/1 2019; 7/4 2020; 8/1 2021 or later

EU Referendum Odds: 2/5 REMAIN; 15/8 BREXIT

When Will Cameron Stand Down?: 7/2 2016; 7/1 2017; 8/1 2017; 11/8 2019; 11/8 2020; 16/1 2021 OR LATER

Outcome of next General Election: Evens Tory overall majority; 11/8 Hung Parliament; 9/2 Labour majority.