Politics By Graham Sharpe

Odds-On June Referendum With 'Stay' Option Winning

If the betting market is to be believed, the EU Referendum will take place before the end of June 2016, predict bookmakers William Hill, who say all the recent betting support has been for it to be sooner,rather than later.

'The earliest option is a June Referendum – and that's where the apparent 'smart' money from clients whose political opinions we respect has been going' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe. 'It is now a big odds-on favourite at odds of 4/11 (stake 11 for profit of 4).'

Despite the majority of bets – 71% - and the majority of stake money – 61% - being placed on the outcome of the Referendum being a 'Leave' vote, bookmakersWilliam Hill make that option their 2/1 outsider, with a 'Stay' vote the 4/11 favourite.

When will EU Referendum take place?... 4/11 Before end of June 2016; 5/2 July-December 2016; 8/1 July-December 2017; 10/1 January-June, 2017.

Outcome of EU Referendum... 4/11 STAY; 2/1 LEAVE.