Politics - US By Graham Sharpe

Marco His Words - Rubio's Last Chance?

Marco Rubio's odds of becoming the next US President were shortened from 18/1 to 16/1 by bookmakers William Hill after he launched another attack on Donald Trump.

William Hill also cut Rubio's odds for winning the Republican nomination from 6/1 to 5/1 as he and Mitt Romney's onslaught showed how desperately some in the Party are determined that anyone but Trump should emerge as their candidate.

'After Trump's Super Tuesday gains he is looking next to unstoppable to win the nomination, but if anyone is going to be able to interrupt his progress they are going to have to make an impact sooner rather than later, and it seems that only Marco Rubio has the slightest realistic chance of doing it' said William Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.

Meanwhile, one William Hill customer from Liverpool, England, has staked a total of £29,975 on Hillary Clinton to become President in a series of six bets since last December. 'The client has staked six hefty four figure bets at odds of between 8/11 and 8/15, which total £29,975 and stands to collect £49,594 if the bets are successful' said Sharpe, adding that they have also taken a bet of £700 from a Russian client on Michael Bloomberg to become President at 33/1.

William Hill US Election Odds.

To win Presidential Election: 1/2 Clinton; 9/4 Trump; 16/1 Rubio; 25/1 Sanders; 28/1 Bloomberg; 50/1 Cruz; 50/1 Kasich; 100/1 Biden; Romney

To win Democrat Nomination: 1/33 Clinton; 11/1 Sanders; 33/1 Biden

To win Republican Nomination: 1/4 Trump; 5/1 Rubio; 16/1 Cruz; 25/1 Kasich; 50/1 Romney;

Party to win election: 1/2 DEM; 13/8 REP; 22/1 Independent

To be next VP: 3/1 Castro; 6/1 Christie; 6/1 Warren; 8/1 Kasich; 11/1 Kaine; 12/1 Rubio; 12/1 O'Malley; 14/1 Sanders; 16/1 Haley; 20/1 Clinton. Others on request.