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Mappin Course To £79,000 Trump Card

JOHN MAPPIN, Donald Trump's biggest British backer, has placed THIRTY bets with bookmakers William Hill on the Republican front-runner to become the Party's nominee and then go on to win the race to the White House.

And after staking £7200 on the wagers the owner of Cornwall's Camelot Castle Hotel is set for a payout of £79,336.23 ($112,000) from William Hill.

'Mr Mappin began backing Donald Trump last July, when he was 20/1 to become the Republican candidate and 33/1 to be President, and has been placing more bets ever since' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.'I doubt whether he has plced his last one yet!'

William Hill are now quoting Trump as 1/ 4 (stake 4 for profit of 1) favourite to be the candidate, and 5/2 (stake 2 for profit of 5) to win the Presidential race.

LATEST WILLIAM HILL US ELECTION ODDS.......Rep candidate: 1/4 Trump; 11/2 Cruz; 7/1 Kasich; 25/1 Ryan; 50/1 Romney......Dem candidate, 1/25 Clinton, 10/1 Sanders; 22/1 Biden.........To be the two final candidates – 1/3 Clinton v Trump.....To Be Next Elected President: 2/5 Clinton; 5/2 Trump; 20/1 Sanders; 20/1 Kasich; 25/1 Cruz.