Horse Racing By Jon Ivan-Duke

Magnolia Cup Betting - William Hill

William Hill are betting on the Magnolia Cup charity race at Goodwood. Georgie Lane-Godfrey, who makes her debut in the race, is 5-4 favourite on board Industrial Agility(usual name Tagula Night). Georgie’s usual day job is as a freelance journalist. 

Continuum (usual name Perfect Pastime), is second-favourite at 3-1 and will be ridden by Emily Baxendale, who rides in the race for a second time. Emily is the founder of Emily-London milliners.

Spowarticus will be partnered by Charlotte Hogg, the COO of the Bank of England – she’s 13-2 to ride to victory in the Magnolia Cup.

A Brit Of Alright (usual name Clive Clifton), is an 8-1 chance for Emma Leslie-Miller, who is a bloodstock underwriter at BRIT Insurance.

“Every year The Magnolia Cup has thrills and its fair share of spills, so while the betting is a good guide to each rider’s chances, it is the sort of race that could produce a surprise result,” said William Hill spokesman Jon Ivan-Duke.

Magnolia Cup – Goodwood 1.25: 5-4 Industrial Agility (Tagula Night), 3-1 Continuum(Perfect Pastime), 13-2 Spowarticus, 8-1 A Brit Of Alright (Clive Clifton), 10-1 Nelson’s Pride, 12-1 Armelle, 16-1 Alketios, 20-1 Zebedee’s Son, 25-1 Harrods Not Hooves(Conry), 33-1 Dove 100 Colours (Tax Reform), 80-1 Tony Dinozzo, 100-1 Always Delivering (Leyland), (EW 1/5 Odds Places 1,2,3 – Italics indicate usual registered name of the horse)