Football By Joe Crilly

Leicester Latest: Punters Cash Out And Cost Themselves Big! Foxes 4/11 To Go Down Exactly 12 Months Ago!

At 5000/1 with William Hill, Leicester were considered the outsiders to win the Premier League at the start of the season – in fact, the chances of them claiming the title were on a par with Elvis being confirmed as alive, the Yeti being confirmed as existing and Jeremy Clarkson becoming the next Prime Minister.

“With a seven point lead and six games remaining, Leicester are on course to be the biggest EVER outsiders to upset the odds,” said William Hill spokesman Joe Crilly. “Exactly 12 months ago to the day, Leicester were ODDS ON at 4/11 to be relegated. The turnaround is unlike anything we have ever seen before.”

Leicester have thus far upset those odds and look to be on course for an unprecedented league victory – they are now just 1/3 to do so (£3 bet earns just £1 profit).

Although just 25 people backed the Foxes at 5000/1, bookmakers, William Hill face losses of over £2m while the betting industry as a whole could be £10m out of pocket come the end of the season.

Despite their short odds to win the League now, not everyone is convinced Leicester can do it with three people “cashing in” before the weekend’s games.

The Three Customers who dealt:

1, Leigh Herbert from Leicester, who has a £5 bet at 5000/1, has dealt £2 of his bet returning £5,654.04 but he still has the balance of £3 at 5000/1. “I am a big Leicester fan and I strongly believe they will go on to win the Premier League. But my fiancé has made me acknowledge that sometimes you have to make decisions with both your head and your heart,” said Leigh. “I still have a decent chunk on Leicester and will be watching this go down to the wire.”

2, Secondly, a retired Manchester-based customer who has £20 at 5000/1 (William Hill’s biggest bet at these odds) has been paid £28,270.20 for half his bet and still has £10 at 5000/1 that Leicester will go on to win the championship. The big winner said, “I am a lifelong Leicester fan and if I had it my own way I would probably have let the bet ride. But sometimes you have to deal with reality and accept others’ advice.”

3, The third customer from Winchester placed £20 at 1500/1 on the 15th August last year and he received a cheque for £ 16,979.64 from his bet.

All three of those punters cashed in before Leicester moved seven points clear at the top of the table costing themselves an additional £454 per £1 staked. The current cashout value of a 5000/1 wager is £3281 per £1.

Premier League winner: 1/3 Leicester; 5/1 Arsenal; 5/1 Tottenham; 100/1 Manchester City