Football Specials Betting By Rupert Adams

Leicester Fan Leigh Herbert Set To Hurt Bookies With 5000/1 Winner!

Leigh Herbert, a 39 year old Leicester City fan, is desperate for them to do the unthinkable and win the Premier League as he has £5 on them winning at 5000/1. While on a camping holiday in August, Leigh who is a carpenter by trade, placed his £5 with William Hill on Leicester winning the title, reasoning that Leicester had a great season the year before and that Claudio Ranieri was a great manager. 

Six months later William Hill are offering him a cash out of £3200, which Leigh has refused. “I am going to hang in there, I believe in fairy tales and £25,000 will be a life changing win,” said Leigh Herbert.

“For commercial reason we are not Leicester fans. Should they win the EPL we will be paying out £2 million plus,” said William Hill spokesman Rupert Adams. “That said, we will not begrudge Leigh as this would be a fantastic feat."

Just twelve people backed Leicester at 5000/1 at William Hill online and the biggest payout would be to a William Hill customer from Guildford who placed £75 each way at 1500/1 and will collect £140,775.

Premier League winner 8th February 2016: 2/1 Leicester; 2/1 Arsenal; 3/1 Manchester City; 9/2 Tottenham; 33/1 Manchester United


William Hill Odds at morning of first game of season (8th August 2015): 7/4 Chelsea, 11/4 Manchester City, 5/1 Manchester United, 7/2 Arsenal, 28/1 Liverpool, 150/1 Tottenham, 5000/1 Leicester


William Hill Odds when market first opened (3rd May 2015): 11/8 Chelsea, 11/4 Manchester City, 4/1 Manchester United, 5/1 Arsenal, 16/1 Liverpool, 66/1 Tottenham, 2000/1 Leicester


William Hill Leicester Odds:

1st August 5,000/1

1st September 1,500/1

1st October 1,500/1

1st November 500/1

1st December 66/1

1st January 16/1

1st February 7/1


*Contact details for Leigh are available from William Hill