Politics By Graham Sharpe

Le Pen For Punters But Juppe Favourite

ALAIN JUPPE is 13/8 favourite (438% chance) to win the French Presidential election with bookmakers William Hill, who make Marine Le Pen 7/4 (36%) second favourite, ahead of Francois Fillon, the 11/4 third favourite.

'Marine Le Pen has attracted over fifty per cent of all individual bets placed on the outcome and over fifty per cent of all the money so far staked - although the biggest individual bet has been £2000 on M Juppe, and these two are dominating the betting market- they have each been favourite at different times in the past few days' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe, 'We have already taken more money on the outcome than for any other French Presidential election'

LATEST FRENCH PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION ODDS: 13/8 Juppe; 7/4 Le Pen; 11/4 Fillon; 9/1 Sarkozy; 12/1 Macron; 33/1 Valls; 40/1 Hollande. Others on request.

WINNING PARTY: 2/5 Republican; 7/4 FN; 10/1 Socialist; 14/1 En Marche!; Others on request.