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Is white Xmas on the table for UK?

All hope is not lost, as forecasts point to an ice-cold December and the latest odds from bookmakers William Hill suggest you should head to Scotland for a white Christmas with Aberdeen, Edinburgh & Glasgow all 3/1.

“In the countdown to Christmas some forecasts suggest the UK could have its heaviest snowfall in years and we are already seeing a significant punt on the world’s most expensive snowflakes to fall on the 25th”, said William Hill spokesperson Yoana Nikolova.

Snow On Christmas Day: 3/1 Aberdeen (Airport); 3/1 Edinburgh (Airport); 3/1 Glasgow (Airport); 5/1 Belfast (Int. Airport); 5/1 Leeds (Leeds-Bradford Airport); 5/1 Liverpool (Airport); 5/1 London (Heathrow); 5/1 Manchester (Airport); 5/1 Newcastle (Airport); 7/1 Birmingham (Airport); 7/1 Bristol (Airport); 7/1 Cardiff (Airport); 7/1 Dublin (Airport); 7/1 Norwich (Airport); 7/1 Penzance (RNAS Culdrose)