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Is It The End For Glenn? Bookies Betting On Walking Dead Cliffhanger…

As season six of the Walking Dead ended with a member of Rick’s crew being bludgeoned by new villain, Negan, William Hill opened a book on who it was. When the book originally opened it was Rosita who was 11/8 favourite, however, following a gamble from aficionados of the show, Glenn now heads the group alongside her at 2/1.


“Rosita was the original favourite when betting first opened, however a number of fans of the series have pointed to Glenn’s death in the comics as an indication that it is he who is Negan’s victim,” said William Hill spokesman Joe Crilly. “When has a TV show or movie ever stuck rigidly to the original text before though?”


Daryl’s odds have also tumbled from 25/1 to 16/1 in the last couple of days.


Who did Negan kill: 2/1 Glenn; 2/1 Rosita; 3/1 Abraham; 7/2 Aaron; 4/1 Eugene; 10/1 Michonne; 12/1 Daryl; 16/1 Maggie; 16/1 Sasha; 25/1 Carl; 33/1 Rick