Politics - US By Graham Sharpe

Is Donald Trump The New Leicester City?

With Donald Trump now on the brink of clinching the Republican nomination – bookmakers William Hill give him a 93% chance (odds of 1/14 – stake 14 for profit of 1) of doing so before Cleveland-  his biggest betting backer is anticipating collecting $112,000 (£79,300) after placing a stream of hefty bets.

John Mappin, from Cornwall, England, (contact details available) has placed THIRTY bets with bookmakers William Hill on the Republican front-runner to become the Party's nominee and then go on to win the race to the White House.

And after staking £7200 on the wagers the owner of Cornwall's Camelot Castle Hotel is set for a payout of £79,336.23 ($112,000) from William Hill.

'Mr Mappin began backing Donald Trump in July 2015, when he was 20/1 to become the Republican candidate and 33/1 to be President, and has been placing regular bets ever since' said William Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.

Meanwhile, William Hill now make Mr Trump, originally offered at no-hope odds of 200/1, just 2/1 to occupy the White House. 'We've just paid out on the longest odds ever seen in UK sport of 5000/1 on soccer club Leicester City winning the Premier League – now Donald Trump is set to become our longest ever Political odds winner' added Sharpe.

William Hill Presidential odds:

To win Republican Nomination: 1/50 Trump; 20/1 Kasich; 40/1 Ryan

To win Democrat Nomination: 1/40 Clinton; 18/1 Sanders; 40/1 Biden

Trump to clinch nomination before Cleveland? 1/14 YES; 13/2 NO

To be elected President: 4/11 (73% CHANCE) Clinton; 2/1 (33% chance) Trump; 40/1 Sanders; 66/1 Biden, Kasich.