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Labour Just 7/4 Not To Win Overall Maj Before 2031!

BOOKMAKERS William Hill have opened a betting market on when Labour will next be able to form a majority government, and are offering just 7/4 (a 36% chance) that they will NOT do so before 2031 at the earliest.

Hills offer 9/2 about it happening in or before 2020; 9/4 between 2021-25, and 11/4 2026-30.

'With the Party in its current chaotic state, together with boundary proposals and the SNP threat conspiring to make it ever more difficult for them, we think it likely that they will remain without an overall majority for the rest of this and the whole of the next decade. said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe, 'However, should Owen Smith win the leadership contest the odds could change drastically.'

Jeremy Corbyn is currently a heavy favourite at 1/12 (92% chance) to defeat his opponent, 6/1 (14%) Smith.

Hills are betting on whether the country will go into Recession before the end of 2017, and offer 8/11 (57%) that it will, Even money not to.

TO WIN NEXT GENERAL ELECTION: 10/11 Tories with overall majority; 6/4 Hung Parliament; 5/1 Labour overall majority.

WHEN WILL LABOUR NEXT WIN GENERAL ELECTION WITH OVERALL MAJORITY....9/2 In or before 2020; 9/4 2021-25; 11/4 2026-30; 7/4 2031 Onwards

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