Politics By Graham Sharpe

Grexit Versus Brexit

WITH the Greek economy once again in the news, bookmakers William Hill make the country 1/ 4 (80% chance) favourite to be the first to leave the Eurozone, ahead of 6/1 second favourite Cyprus; 10/1 Spain, and 12/1 Italy. And Hills are now offering odds of 5/1 (16%) that the country will announce before the end of this year that it intends to leave the EU.

'With Grexit currently 5/1 and Brexit as a result of the EU Referendum at 12/5 (29%) we make it almost twice as likely for Brexit to happen than Grexit' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.

EU referendum......3/10 Remain; 12/15 Leave

GREECE to announce before end of year intention of quitting EU: 1/9 No; 5/1 Yes

1st COUNTRY TO QUIT EUROZONE.....1/ 4 Greece; 6/1 Spain; 10/1 Spain; 12/1 Italy. Others on request.