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Gamble On Obama To Succeed Trump

DESPITE four of the past five US Presidents over the past thirty five years, serving eight year terms - George H W Bush, being the one exception- William Hill are offering odds of 2/1 that Donald Trump will win again in 2020 - and 4/6 that he will even be the Republican candidate.

However, William Hill offer 4/1 that the 2020 Election will result in the first female President - and political punters believe it could well be Michelle Obama, who has been heavily backed from 66/1 to 12/1 already. Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren are both possible contenders- and one William Hil client from London has staked £20 that the first female President with be Clinton - Chelsea Clinton!

Trump is an 8/1 chance to build his much publicised wall between the US and Mexico - and 3/1 to make Mexico his first state visit.

Meanwhile, Hills have confirmed that their overall betting turnover on the US Election hit a record total of £5million, beating the previous record holder for a political event, the Scottish Indie Referendum, on which they turned over £3.5m.The biggest individual bet they took on the outcome was a losing online bet of 550,000 euros on Hillary Clinton and the biggest winners were two clients who each collected over £100,000 - John Mappin from Cornwall, and an anonymous client from Nottingham. 'Political betting has come of age and although there are similarities it now comfortably out-ranks reality tv betting' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.

LATEST WILLIAM HILL 2020 US ELECTION ODDS...2/1 D Trump; 8/1 Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren; 10/1 Mike Pence, Tim Kaine; 12/1 Michelle Obama; 14/1 Michael Bloomberg; Cory Booker. Others on request.

WINNING PARTY: 8/11 Dems; Evens Reps.

TRUMP FIRST STATE VISIT- 2/1 Canada; 3/1 Mexico; 5/1 Russia; 7/1 China/ UK

WHEN WILL HE MAKE FIRST OFFICIAL VISIT TO UK?....8/11 2017; 13/8 2018; 5/1 2019 OR LATER

***MARINE LE PEN, who was backed from 6/1 to 2/1 to win the French Presidential Election has been shortened again to 7/4 second favourite with Hills, behind 8/13 favourite Alain Juppe, with Nicolas Sarkozy 8/1 third favourite.

***CORBYN OUT?...William Hill make Jeremy Corbyn 10/1 to stand down as Lab leader in 2016; 6/1 in 2017; 10/1 2018; 10/1 2019; 6/4 2020; 6/4 2021 or later.

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