Politics By Graham Sharpe

French Election - Political Punters Fillon Their Boots?

FRANCOIS FILLON is now 4/9 favourite (69% chance) with bookmakers William Hill to win the French Presidential Election after comfortably winning his Republicans Party's primary.

Second favourite is the Front National's Marine Le Pen, who is 9/4 second favourite with Hills, who make Emmanual Macron 14/ third favourite.

'Marine Le Pen has attracted 64% of all the bets so far placed, compared with 18% for M. Fillon, while she is also responsible for 56% of all the money so far staked, as against Fillon's 35%. She is by far the worst result financially for us, but now that Fillon has seen off his rivals that could change' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.'However, it certainly looks to be a two horse race with the other candidates barely registering with our clients. We're certainly hoping for a change of fortune having suffered six figure losses when Brexit and Trump upset the odds.'

FRENCH PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION; 4/9 Fillon; 9/4 Le Pen; 14/1Macron; 33/1 Valls; 40/1 Hollande. Others on request.