Politics Politics - US By Graham Sharpe

'Brexit Effect' To Boost Trump?

WITH the US Election campaign now moving into its final stages, bookmakers William Hill say the betting has a number of parallels with the EU Referendum campaign, which produced an unexpected victory for Brexit.

'Currently we are seeing 71% of the money gambled on the outcome of the US Election being for Clinton, but 65% of the actual bets placed being for Trump. At the same stage of the EU Referendum campaign we saw 74% of the money for Remain, but 70% of individual bets for Brexit' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.

Hills are now offering 1/6 for a Clinton win, 4/1 Trump. At the same stage of the EU Ref campaign they were 2/9 Remain, 3/1 Leave.

'The other significant similarity could be that during the EU Referendum the majority of the media was campaigning for Remain. Likewise this time round the media is predominantly behind Clinton. However, evidently plenty of those who voted were not prepared to say in public which way they would do so, and weren't swayed by the media bias. That could also be the case here.' added Sharpe.'It must be said, though, that as the betting stands we will certainly be far better off financially as a company if Trump wins after some very hefty bets for Mrs Clinton!'