Business news By Peter Spiers

Fast and getting faster…

TV ads are just one of the many ways that we communicate with our customers. The reason we spend so much time and energy (and cash) on them is because they're a really powerful vehicle for our message. They're played in pubs and living rooms up and down the country. On big TV screens, with the sound turned up. If we get them right, they do a big job for our brand.

Right now, the vast majority of betting ads look and sound the same. They rely on the same old clichés. Lads in a pub watching the football. Lads playing 5-a-side football. B-list retired footballers watching lads watching the football.

We’ve avoided this kind of stuff in the past, but the challenge we set ourselves for our new TV ad was bigger - we want to completely redefine advertising in our sector. We want to present William Hill as a modern and relevant brand offering a product that customers will want to try - or try again. And we'll do that by telling an interesting story in an interesting way. A story that sits comfortably in an ad break alongside the likes of Stella Artois, O2, Playstation, Nike, and all the other brands that our customers interact with and buy from. And leaves the white noise of the other betting brands behind us.

This time, the focus is on how William Hill app is really fast and getting even faster. Fast performance delivered through smart user journeys. Something that we know is important to our customers.

Concept and script comes first - we created that within the Marketing department. Then we teamed up with our creative agency, Bark & Bite, to look at how to bring the idea to life on film. A film needs a director - and we got one of the best. Paul W.S. Anderson is a Hollywood veteran who's directed some pretty serious action films (Alien vs. Predator, Resident Evil, Event Horizon). Paul was excited by the script and confirmed that he wanted to get on board, to help us create a super-fast, action-packed film that reveals more of itself with every viewing. This is important because we buy a lot of TV ad spots, and we don’t want viewers to get bored of seeing the same ad again and again.

We shot the film in Barcelona (it was the middle of October and we couldn’t rely on the British weather). And everything, unusually, went to plan. You can watch a short behind the scenes film of the shoot by clicking this link:

The ad debuted on Friday night at half time in the England / Scotland game on ITV. That hit about 8 million viewers.

And you can check it out here: