Politics By Graham Sharpe

EU 'Remain' Odds Shortest Yet As Punters Pile In

Bookmakers William Hill have slashed their odds for a 'Remain' vote in the EU Referendum to their shortest level yet as they cut them for the third day running, this time from 1/4, representing an 80% chance of success, to 2/9 – an 82% chance.

'Political punters suddenly seem to have made their minds up that, contrary to the opinion polls, 'Remain' is a rock solid bet – and as soon as we changed the odds to 2/9 on Thursday morning we took a four figure bet at that price. Over 75% of all the money we have taken since day one has been for 'Remain', and rather more than that, well over 80%, in the past few days' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.'Our female client who bet £100,000 at odds of 2/5 will be on very good terms with herself. That bet stands to make a profit of £40,000, but if she had waited to place it now would have only been looking at £22,222 profit.'

At the start of this week Hills were offering 3/10. Those odds shortened initially to 2/7, then to 1/4, and now to 2/9.

Meanwhile, Hills have been lengthening their odds for 'Brexit', trying to attract more money, but even at the current 16/5, are finding it difficult to do so. 'We aren't expecting this trend to change anytime soon, unless the 'Remain' side makes some unexpected error, or the Brexiteers come up with some sensational strategy to reverse the trend' added Sharpe.

William Hill EU Referendum odds: 2/9 REMAIN; 16/5 LEAVE

Im England: 1/4 Remain; 11/4 Leave

In Scotland: 1/20 Remain; 8/1 Leave

In Wales: 2/9 Remain; 3/1 Leave